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"In this interactive workshop we will explore the breath, the fascia and the body through the lens of Block Therapy™; a unique self-care practice for all ages and abilities. Block Therapy™ is a novel approach to health that is part meditation, exercise and therapy rolled into one. You will be guided through a series of postures using the Block Buddy, each held for 3 minutes as you focus on your diaphragmatic breath. The self-applied pressure from the bamboo block combined with the internal heating from your breath allows for a gentle, yet deep release of adhesions that have formed in your body over the course of a lifetime. In this workshop we will discuss the role of fascia in health, especially as it relates to pain and mobility as well as the key pillars of Block Therapy™ which are to create, inflate and maintain internal space. Leave this workshop feeling a sense of release and relief in the body while feeling calm and centered in your mind. No experience required. All Blocks are provided.

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15 to 99